Vil·la romana “Els Castellets”

Municipality: La Canonja

Region: Tarragonès

Chronology: 1st century AD - 7th Century AD

Developer: Covestro, SL

Dates: November 2017 - June 2018

The Roman villa of "Els Castellets" is located in the property of company Covestro, SL, in the Poligon Industrial Entrevies de la Canonja. The archaeological excavation was co-directed by the archaeologists Jordi Morera and Adrià Cubo. The villa was already identified and partially excavated in 2013 just in the neighbouring plot, currently occupied by the company Kemira.

The archaeological intervention carried out by Arqueò has been able to document the evolution of the pars rustica of the villa, from the 1st century AD to the 7th century AD. It is noteworthy the presence of a mausoleum with necropolis, a glassware workshop, a storage place for cereals and a torcularium. The excavation documented a first period of occupation in the Early Roman period. This first moment was followed by the transformation into a large Roman villa in the 2nd century AD. Probably in the second half of 2nd century, a monumental domestic mausoleum was built, with four burials inside. After destruction caused in the second half of the third century AD, probably due to the penetration of the Franks, the space continued to be occupied as a necropolis, with thirty identified burials. However, in the 4th-5th centuries AD, the villa had a second moment of economic recovery. For this moment were identified a torcularium, 15 silos and a glassware workshop. Finally, and after some reforms, the villa would be definitely abandoned during the 7th century AD.