Former barracks of Guardia Civil, Tarragona

Municipality: Tarragona

Province: Tarragona

Chronology: Early Roman, Medieval and Modern

Developer: Tarracohabitatge, SL

Dates: August 2016

In this plot located in the suburbium of the Roman city, archaeologist Jordi Morera directed an archaeological survey campaign to determine the archaeological depth of the subsoil. After completing five large surveys, occupying a joint surface close to 140m2, and with depths that rang between two and five meters deep, a chronological sequence was identified. It started during the first centuries AD with continuity in the Middle Ages and in the following centuries. For the Roman period, the walls, the large volume of pottery recovered, the fragments of stucco and some fragment of marble with inscription, confirmed that there could have been a suburban Roman villa in the area. This villa would have been occupied during the Roman period.

Subsequently, from the thirteenth to fourteenth centuries the area would have been used for the construction of agricultural terraces, which were evolving in the following centuries. Finally, from the end of the 17th century, the first structures related to the urban evolution of the city are documented. The last of this evolution would have been the construction, already in the 20th century, of the former barracks of the Guardia Civil.