Església de Sant Domènec de Puigcerdà

Municipality: Puigcerdà

Region: Cerdanya

Chronology: 13th Century

Promoter: Diputació de Girona

Dates: June 2015 - July 2015

The church of Sant Domènec is located on “Passeig Deu d'Abril, s/n” of the town of Puigcerdà and since 1945 it is the parochial church of the town. The archaeological tasks consisted of the archaeological control and monitoring of the constructive works carried out inside the church and were directed by the archaeologist Júlia Miquel. The structures that could be documented were two absidial closure walls related to 10 foundations of rectangular pillars. These were built using stone blocks tied with mortar and following a trace similar to the generating axis of the current church. On the side of the Gospel, these basements or foundations are united by a wall that adheres to these foundations. A rectangular structure was also documented, which was accessed by a side ladder adjoining the buttress and leading to a semi-buried space. Next to the Presbytery, a funeral vault was also documented. The archaeological intervention has allowed documenting the existence of a church after the original Gothic church; that is to say, that the church of the late thirteenth century-beginning of the fourteenth century was subject to a profound reform at the end of the 18th century that completely transformed its structure.