El Castellot de Bolvir

Municipality: Bolvir

Region: Cerdanya

Chronology: Late Iron Age, Ceretan, Roman-Republican, Medieval.

Promoter: Ajuntament de Bolvir

Dates: August 2013, August-September 2014. August-September 2015. August-September 2016-2019.

Castellot de Bolvir is an archaeological site excavated continuously since 2006. Arqueòlegs.cat manages the archaeological tasks and co-directs the works. Between the 4th and 2nd centuries BC Castellot was one of the most important settlements of the Ceretans. From the middle of the second century BC it evolved towards a productive and control centre of the new Roman power. In the late 1st century BC, with the end of the Roman civil wars, the oppidum was abandoned. After more than ten centuries, in the 11th century, at Castellot a new fortified village was in-stalled which at the end of the century was also abandoned giving origin to the current munici-pality of Bolvir.

Since 2013, Arqueòlegs.cat performs structural consolidation and restoration, if necessary, in the site. The criterion of action is that of the minimum intervention, respecting the archaeological stratigraphic relationships and applying and using the materials of the site. Mortars are made with eco-compatible materials. In all those places where archaeological research has already been completed, a layer of geotextile and a small gravel bed of 5-10cm thick are used.

Arqueòlegs.cat has a policy of sustainability and eco-prevention with the environment, avoiding all chemical products that can affect biomass and the ecosystem.