Dolmen de Puig Rodó

Municipality: Moià

Province: Barcelona

Chronology: beginnings of the 3rd millennium BC.

Developer: Generalitat de Catalunya

Dates: October 2016 - November 2016

Dolmen de Puig Rodó is a large megalithic monument of the Catalan gallery type located in the most northerly area of the municipality of Moià, on the south-eastern slope of Puig Rodó. This dolmen was already excavated at the beginning of the 20th century by J. Gudiol, and in 1961 by Ricard Batista and Joan Surroca. These interventions, apart from excavating the room and the corridor, also rebuilt the dolmen by replacing some slabs and the roof of the monument.

The archaeological excavation that was conducted in 2016 was intimately linked to the restoration and consolidation of the dolmen. Firstly, the surrounding monument was excavated, while the vegetation that covered it was removed. The archaeological intervention, led by the archaeologist Rafael Rosillo, consisted of the demarcation of the entire surface tumulus, the realization of two surveys inside the same tomb and the excavation of the chamber and the corridor.