The tabulae: writing in the Roman era

Ages: from 8 to 14 years old. Workshop adaptable to each age bracket.

Workshop duration: 1 hour and a half approximately.

Location: interior

Have you ever considered how the school books were in Roman times? Well, do not worry, with the tabulae workshop we will learn how to use wax tabulae (tablets) and styli to write on it.

We will learn which types of letters the Romans used and on which materials they wrote.

At the end of the workshop each child can take home their own tabulae, to continue practicing at home or ... at school!

A tabulae was a wooden table covered with a layer of wax. Using stylus (as if they were pencils) they wrote on top of the tabulae. They were used for different purposes, from secretary notes to administrative accounts and, of course, for the school!